Brief information in English

Are you a student studying the criminology program, independent courses in the sociology of law or a master’s in sociology/sociology of law? Then you have found exactly the right place! Here you can become a member of an association that keeps track of your education, organizes lectures with relevant guests and other fun activities during the semesters.

KUF stands for ”Kriminologernas universitetsförening” in Swedish, which can be translated to ”Student association of crimonology”. Our association was founded in Lund 2011 and is run by students studying the Criminology program at Lund University.

If you have other questions or for any other reason want to get in touch with KUF, get in touch by phone or email to the board’s respective email addresses which you will find under ”Styrelse” or send an email to

Don’t forget to check Lund University’s own website for FAQ or more information about the departement/program/studies.